Utilizing the latest methods and techniques I develop a customized sleep plan that works for you and your child. Even though it seems like a good idea, parents should avoid trying to sleep train a child on their own. Sleep training is like a puzzle. Unless all of the parts are done correctly, it simply will not work, or it may only work for a short period of time. My goal is to always sleep train the quickest way possible with the least amount of crying.  I work with children from 4 months up to 3 1/2 years old and have even been successful at sleep training some of the most determined babies and toddlers. Not only do I cover nighttime sleep issues, but naps as well, feeding issues, reflux, transitioning to a crib, creating a safe sleep environment, and much more, including offering unlimited follow-up support for up to one whole year. This means when questions come up regarding dropping naps, travel, time change, etc., I will be there to guide you every step of the way. Contact me today and let’s get your family the sleep they need and deserve!

Package 1


- Phone consultation discussing your child's sleep situation and environment

- Emailed copy of tailor-made action plan. 

- One week of unlimited follow-up support

- Future action plan that will be with you during each stage your child transitions through and how

to respond accordingly going forward

Package 2


- Discuss your child's sleep situation and environment

- Review and assess your child's information

- Create a tailor-made plan for your child and guide you through the process

-Future action plan

- 12 months of unlimited support

*Discounted rate for twins and siblings*

*Families have the option to upgrade from Package 1 to Package 2 at any point during our time together.*