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I utilize the latest methods and techniques to develop a customized sleep plan that works for you and your baby. Parents, at times, will try to sleep train their babies themselves. This is not recommended as a baby's natural melatonin level is higher at certain times during the day and night. This usually leads to parents missing this window, resulting in more crying and discomfort for your baby. Many of my clients have also attempted to use sleep training books with minimal success. Every child is different, and when questions arise, Child Sleep Guru will be there for you. Guiding you through the process is my main goal. I offer unlimited follow-up support. This means when questions come up regarding dropping naps, travel, time change, etc., I will answer them for you at no extra charge. Contact me today and lets get your family the sleep they need and deserve!

Package 1


Package 2


Package 3



- In the middle of sleep training or have a child that is already sleep trained but have additional sleep-related questions? Then this package is for you.

- One phone call that will answer all of your questions along with future action plan.

-A summary of our conversation will be emailed directly to you at the end of our call!

- Phone consultation discussing your child's sleep situation and environment

- Emailed copy of tailor-made action plan. 

- One week of unlimited follow-up support

- Future action plan that will be with you during each stage your child transitions through and how

to respond accordingly going forward

- Discuss your child's sleep situation and environment

- Review and assess your child's information

- Create a tailor-made plan for your child and guide you through the process

- UNLIMITED follow-up support (phone, text and/or e-mail) at no extra charge!

*Discounted rate for twins and siblings*


Unlimited follow-up support (Package 3: Months or years down the road when questions arise regarding dropping naps, travel, time change and everything in between, I will be there to guide you through it at no extra charge!